Birth at home

increases the potential for a normal birth

Birth at home

at the woman’s pace without unnecessary intervention

Birth belongs

within a family context

Home Birth Midwives Christchurch

We are a midwifery practice, working with women and their families in the Christchurch region who are planning to birth at home.

We provide care to meet each family’s individual needs.

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Home Birth Midwife

Violet began her journey to homebirth with years of training and practice in the community, during which she began to see clearly that place of birth has a significant impact on the birth experience and outcomes for mother, baby, and the wider family.
“For me, the key difference for women birthing at home is that they are able to create a calm and supportive environment, where they are central to the decision making process.”


Home Birth Midwife

Gwen’s journey to homebirth came by understanding the importance of good support and care; creating a calm peaceful environment and patience. This just happens naturally at home and so enabling the best outcomes for women and their babies. So, after years of training and supporting women in hospital, primary units and at home, changing her focus to mainly supporting women at home just felt like a natural progression.
“for me home birth just feels right. I am in awe of the power of the woman birthing her baby at home surrounded by her loving family. This reinforces the importance of that calm, supportive environment which enables the woman to bring her baby into the world on her own terms”


Home Birth Midwife

Juliet is working on an exciting project this year so is not taking bookings. However is still providing back up and support to the practice. Please enquire with one of the other midwives in the practice.

Juliet has 25 years experience as a midwife with 23 of those supporting women to birth at home in Christchurch.

“The thing that really still gets me about families having their baby at home is that this is their experience and they make it what ever they want it to be. Home birth is about returning this incredibly precious and intimate time back to where it belongs, the family.”
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Home Birth Midwives Christchurch

We have a strongly aligned philosophy

based on the belief that birthing at home increases the potential for a normal birth.

We consider that birth is a social event,

not medical, and that birth belongs within a family context, whatever constitutes family for the individuals involved. Birthing at home keeps the woman and her family at the centre of care.

Labour and birth can proceed at the woman’s pace

without unnecessary intervention and arbitrary timeframes or institutional needs overriding her needs. We are constantly learning as women find their way through such a challenging time. Being at home enables us to recognise that no two labours are comparable and that home birth supports the importance of the emotional and spiritual aspects of labour as much as the physical aspects.

Our philosophical beliefs encompass the following:

  • continuity of midwifery care.
  • that planning to birth at home maximises the potential for normal birth
  • supporting birth as a family-centered event not a medical process
  • information sharing to enable informed decision making
As home birth midwives, we consider it a privilege to be invited into this process as a welcome guest and to watch the magic that is labour and birth unfold. Find out how we work

What our clients say…

I was fortunate enough to have heard about the wonderful midwives of Homebirth Midwives Christchurch – their reputation is legendary. These amazing baby-catchers are well known and well respected in Christchurch. I feel honoured to know them.
Anna & Rick Groen

The Homebirth Midwives have a deep faith in women’s bodies and respect for the natural process of birthing which gave me confidence to cope with the intensity of labour. They showed patience, kindness, strength, authority when needed and huge experience and knowledge.