About Us

We work together in a close knit team.

Our home birth practice has been in existence in its current form since 1990.

We pride ourselves on being the Christchurch specialists in home birth.

For almost 20 years we have chosen to support women who only plan to birth at home.

Should the woman’s pregnancy become complicated and require obstetric input we will continue to provide midwifery care in the hospital setting but our main focus is supporting families to birth their babies in their own homes.

Violet Clapham midwife for home birth midwifery services Christchurch
Midwife Gwen Glazzard
Juliet Thorpe midwife for home birth midwifery services Christchurch

The Homebirth Midwives have a deep faith in women’s bodies and respect for the natural process of birthing which gave me confidence to cope with the intensity of labour. They showed patience, kindness, strength, authority when needed and huge experience and knowledge.