Juliet Thorpe

Juliet is working on an exciting project this year and so is not taking bookings. Hwever she is still providing back up and support to the practice. Please contact one of the other midwives in the practice with any queries.

When I graduated as a midwife, I moved to Wellington and worked at Wellington Women’s Hospital on 8 hour shifts in the Delivery Suite. Although I learned a great deal about supporting labouring women in the hospital setting I found the environment did not allow women to follow their natural inclinations and when the opportunity came for me to move back to my home town of Christchurch and join the Home Birth Midwives I jumped at the chance.

28 years later I still love it.

Juliet Thorpe, midwife
I think for me the thing that really still gets me about families having their baby at home is that this is their experience and they make it what ever they want it to be. Home birth is about returning this incredibly precious and intimate time back to where it belongs, the family. Women birthing at home are strong and amazing and I am constantly in awe of them.

I am so fortunate to have a job I adore and work with colleagues whom I love and trust.

I always thought I would stop this crazy lifestyle when one of the baby’s I helped be born had a baby but no way. Three of my babies have had babies and it was incredible!

Aroha nui.
~ Juliet Thorpe

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What Juliet’s Clients say

… having Juliet and Kelly deliver the baby was so reassuring. Thanks for everything you have done for us.

A huge thanks to our fabulous midwives, Juliet and Kelly. A memory never forgotten for our birth team.



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