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My first memory of birth was seeing my baby brother come into the world when I was 5. I just remember the wonder of how strong and amazing my mum was. The warm comfortable feeling of being at home and curiosity that this little bundle all scrunched up and protesting loudly was my new baby brother. When I became a mother, I fell in love with my baby and midwifery at the same time.

I feel it’s a privilege to support women along the incredible sometimes challenging journey of growing, birthing and nurturing their baby. During my study, midwifery training and early years in practice I experienced all the different ways babies come into this world. However, it always just felt right at home surrounded by family, warm, cosy and calm.

Violet Clapham, midwife
Violet Clapham attending a birth
When I got the chance to join the homebirth midwives I was super excited. Working with the home birth midwives feels like being part of a family. My colleagues are strong amazing women who I trust completely.

I love being a home birth midwife, I am always in awe of the strength of the labouring woman, with the love and support of her family and the joy on everyone’s face when they meet their new baby. It is these moments that inspire and keep me passionate.

Choosing homebirth is choosing a calm, warm loving environment for your baby’s birth.

“for me home birth just feels right. I am in awe of the power of the woman birthing her baby at home surrounded by her loving family.”~ Gwen Glazzard

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