Violet Clapham

My journey to midwifery began when I attended the birth of my niece, more than 18 years ago. The sense of awe and wonder as a new life entered the world has never left me, and now that I am a mother myself I understand how hugely challenging and rewarding the childbirth journey can be.

During my years of training and my early years of practice as a community midwife I have seen babies come into the world in every way possible. The thing that always strikes me is how significant the birthing environment is to this process. There really is no comparison between a stark, sterile hospital room and a warm, peaceful lounge at home.

Violet Clapham, midwife
Violet Clapham attending a birth
With home birth I see time and again that women are strong, and can birth without medical intervention. There is something magical about the sense of both power and peace that we see time and again with women birthing at home. I have developed a passion for supporting home birth, and am thrilled to be working with the Home Birth Midwives.

For me, the key difference for women birthing at home is that they are able to create a calm and supportive environment, where they are central to the decision making process.

Partners and other family members are able to be fully involved in the birth journey, and baby is welcomed in a gentle, loving way.

I love my job, and to me, every birth is special and unique.
~ Violet Clapham

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What Violet’s Client Says

During pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, she (Violet) had a remarkable ability to maintain the needed balance between support, direction, and freedom.

… I appreciated her ability to offer relevant facts in a neutral way, encouraging us as a family to make informed decisions that were right for us.


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